As one of northeast Ohio’s most experienced labor and employment law teams, Goldstein Gragel represents a broad range of clients who rely on our expertise and advice.We assist and counsel individual and institutional clients during times of extraordinary challenges and conflict.

Employees facing workplace harassment, discrimination and grievances receive prompt and effective response by capable advocates. Those confronting civil litigation or criminal prosecution are represented by experienced lawyers who meet their needs with confident and innovative strategies. The firm serves clients through counseling, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, court litigation and appeals.

Goldstein Gragel focuses on the institutional representation of labor unions and the fiduciaries of employee benefit trusts. In an era when national and international economic forces bring unique practical and legal changes, the firm’s attorneys guide their labor and ERISA clients to meet new demands and regulations. We especially welcome the opportunity to work with our labor union clients to develop new models for organizing, growing and adapting to changing forms of work and the economy.